Want to work at G-Shock?

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Nigel Sylvester and Anthony DeRosa tear up the playground

G-Shock ambassador and BMX bandit Nigel Sylvester is constantly tearing up the New York City streets like his skid marks don’t stink. Sorry about the turn of phrase, but it had toRead More

First look at the G-Shock G-Lide ‘Aurora Lights’ series

In the first half of 2015 it was the Polarized Series that boggled our brains for the creativity and print technology at play, but for the run home it’s the G-Lide ‘AuroraRead More

Check out this review of the G-Shock Mudmaster

The G-Shock Mudmaster has really imposed its presence on 2015. It busted brains as soon as it was previewed, and lovestruck G-Shockers haven’t let their strong feelings attenuate. News service Asia OneRead More

Unboxing the G-Shock G-Steel

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First look! G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 ‘Sunrise Purple’

The G-Shock Rangeman is our favourite all-rounder models in recent memory. There, we said it and we mean it! It’s a future classic, we’ve got no doubt, and now it’s entering newRead More

G-Shock Mudmaster Black + Gold (Master of G Series)

Following on from the black and gold G-Shock Gravitymaster we saw the other day, here we preview another banger from the newest Master of G collection. This G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000GB-1ADR goes forRead More

Catalogue leak: Baby-G BA-120SC

We’re at it again – we’ve got our greasy mitts on a new catalogue that lays out what G-Shock has ready to drop for the rest of the year and we’re sharingRead More

Watch this: G-Shock MTG-G1000 Torture Tests @ Hamura

We’re veterans of G-Shock ‘torture tests’ filmed out of the Hamura facility, and even though we’ve seen stacks of them we never get tired of peeping a fresh one. This latest lavishlyRead More