See the 18K Gold G-Shock DW-5000 in all its glory

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Win a Supra x G-Shock prize pack!

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The origin of the first ever G-Shock (DW-5000C)

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Style Mic reports on Baby-G revival

G-Shock’s little sister brand, Baby-G, has had mixed fortunes over its 21 years of existence. Baby-G’s were originally created as a response to strong interest from female consumers in the Baby-G Junior,Read More

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Can a G-Shock MRG-G1000 pass a freeze test?

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G-Shock ‘Baselworld’ GPW1000TBS-1A in stores this weekend!

UPDATE: This #rare G-Shock will go on sale this Saturday at G-Factory @ Myer Melbourne (Ground Floor, Bourke Street) and G-Factory @ Myer Sydney (Ground Floor)! Every year, G-Shock blows our mindsRead More

Inside the G-Shock Factory: Making of the MT-G

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