Preview of the Vashtie Kola x G-Shock S Series GMA-SS10VK-9ADR

The G-Shock S-Series shrinks popular masculine G-Shock models down for smaller wrists, aimed at ladies who don’t necessarily want something dainty on their dainty wrists. Jack of all creative trades and masterRead More

Flashback: Lil E ‘G-Shock’ music video

When it comes to name-dropping in rap songs, G-Shock challenges Rolex for ubiquity. There aren’t that many songs that focus almost purely on the benefits of our favourite indestructible watches though, butRead More

G-Shock Collector’s Corner: Ben Rosen

Name: Benjamin Rosen Instagram handle: @Benrosen56 Number of G-Shocks in collection: 104 When some people fall in love, they fall hard. They become obsessed and can’t get enough of the object ofRead More

Zombie apocalypse! Play this interactive G-Shock game

Here’s some Friday fun for you all – it’s not for the faint of heart though. G-Shock have created an interactive film where you can keep the protagonist alive with your fingerRead More

G-Shock ‘Rescue Orange’ now in stores

The obvious highlight from the October drop, the ‘Rescue Orange’ series, should now be in stores all over the globe. We’ve already seen the GW-M5610 up close, but we thought it wouldRead More

G-Shock GW-9100-1JF (2006 Throwback)

It’s been a little while since we’ve jumped into the “Time Machine” and scoped out a special G-Shock from the past. We don’t care about the butterfly effect, let’s get dizzy againRead More

Watch this: The best of the public pillow fight craze

We all rave on about how they’re aren’t enough hours in the day, that we’re running out of time. I saw a video today where Jerry Seinfeld considered that maybe we haveRead More

G-Shock surf team takes on Margaret River waves

There are a lot of fallacies out there straight masquerading as real talk – Napoleon Bonaparte wasn’t short, fortune cookies are Japanese-American not Chinese, and Surfer’s Paradise is not actually a paradiseRead More

G-Shock Hyper Color GA-400-9AJF pics

We don’t know if the latest G-Shock Hyper Color series stacks up as strong as the OG batch, but it’s definitely worth copping if you’ve got the outfits to match. Lucky it’sRead More