Back when I used to throw down my own weekly club night – $crilla, I was introduced to a new cat on the street called Gary Smith… but pronounced GAA-WWEE to me and my mates! Gaawee was live and direct from the UK and regularly came to Revs to sink pints and nod his head to the ill hip hop we had blaring. What I didn’t know, along with most of our mates, was that Gary was indeed a KILLER DJ who ripped shit up and left us all in the trenches when it came to turntable skills. He jumped on the decks one night and left us all with our jaws on the floor with his scratchin and blending. I fell in love instantly! Add to that he’s one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet, this cat could melt butter in my mouth and ears any day! So with all that love, Gary bottled it up and bung out some of the seriously freshest mixes I’ve ever heard. I’m dedicating Mixtape Monday entirely to DJ Mr Smith and his loved up, loved lost and bang bang goodness.

A couple of years back Gary made one of the dopest Valentine’s Day mixes known to man – it was for those that threw the middle finger to the thought of V day, that were so bitter from a heartbreaking break up – a one hour mix to let all those single peeps know they weren’t alone. That mix has finally made its way online at Gary aka DJ Mr Smith’s Soundcloud below. Download it now! It’s AMAZE!


This year it seems Mr Smith may have met his Angelina Jolie (see what I did there… Mr and Mrs Smith….)- this shit is the most sexy mix I’ve ever heard! 2011 brings the Make Up mix chock full of loved up tunes, the happiest vibe you’ll ever hear and some mad mixes of INXS and Carpenters all blended with hip hop and soul. This kid is killing it! Download the Make Up Mix below NOW!


As an added bonus, DJ Mr Smith has thrown in his newest mix for The Bang Bang Club night in UK… if you’re ever in London, make sure you get down to the night and bob your head hard to Gawweee’s good shit! This is a 20 minute promo mix commissioned by the club, so show your love and pop this bad boy into your iPod – only the newest cutting edge hip hop, dancehall, dubstep and party shit!

The Bang Bang (Club Night) Promo Mini Mix. DJ MR SMITH by DJ_MR_SMITH

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