I knew if ever there was a night to corrupt the good boy DJ from Pittsburgh, it was gunna be Thursday’s club event at Hoochie Mama, and we did not disappoint. With boobs flung high and low, Zimmie copped an eyeful while raising the roof with his insane mix of party jams. Straight, gay, black, white, fat, skinny, rank, roxy… everyone was in effect to spread the birthday cheer in only the raunchiest way we know how. We always show our international guests a good time at Alia, with Major Lazer coppin’ a mad dose of Hoochie madness last year, and now Zimmie – eyes locked and loaded. One look at the first image and you’ll see what I mean. With giveaways from my good mates at Nike, the girls were ready to do just about anything to score a pair of kicks – add to that stickers and tanks given out by Zimmie – it all went HAM real quick. And let me just tell you, this is not a one off occurrence. You can usually count on my club night with Miss Beats at Alia every Thursday to have the same vibe. It’s a free for all, and anything will and can happen. Peep the X-Rated version of my pics below!!!