One of my all time favourite artists, RONE showcased his newest exhibition at Backwoods Gallery this past weekend, and as to be expected the phenomenal talent SOLD OUT every goddam piece on the wall! It’s official, the local legend has gone next level, MALAKAS! As he states, the exo, ‘L’inconnue de la rue (The unknown girl of the street) is my adaption of the story, in which an unknown girl deals with the death of a loved one. Exploring the juxtaposition between the beauty of my paste-up girls and their natural deterioration on the street led me to use layered and torn billposters as my canvas. The illegibility of the destroyed billposters signifies our inability to focus and make sense of life when faced with mortality.’ Well said Mister man.

Having a personal three panel, floor to ceiling piece in my own house, overlooking the sleeping heaven of bed, Rone has made a massive mark on my life in more ways than one. Not just a killer artist with paint brush, spray can or silk screen, RONE is one of the all-time nicest dudes you’ll ever have the fortune of meeting – every success he achieves in his life is so incredibly deserved, and it’s so fantastic to see such an incredibly talented artist making massive tsunami waves in the art world.

You can check out his latest show at Backwoods Gallery in Collingwood until June 26th… so hit up the Facebook event for more info. Don’t bother taking your rolls of cash… every piece is SOLD. But make sure to hit up RONE who will commission a piece for you! Tell him MAFIA sent ya! Peep the video below too… BANGIN!!!

RONE – l’inconnue de la rue from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.