Actual GTA V trailer!

So here it is, that thing I was talking about the other day. With this trailer comes further evidence that Rockstar Games are one step closer to completely blurring the line between video games and movies to the point where it will only become visible again when lesser developers attempt the crossover; technically speaking, if you made your grandma squint really hard while watching this trailer she’d swear it was a trailer for Francis Ford Coppola’s latest film and then ask you if she could stop squinting yet.

Being the first trailer and taking into account the tentative nature of these things, speculation is already running rampant through the internets as viewers investigate every individual frame and minute detail of the trailer to gain as much knowledge as possible so they can sleep at night and confidently contribute to GTA forums until the next trailer is released.

Observations include:

* The game is returning to San Andreas (specifically Los Santos as illustrated), the locale made popular by the third installment in the series.

* Several familiar faces including Carl Johnson, Niko Bellic and Tommy Vercetti may or may not be making appearances.

* There will be dogs. GTA has never had dogs before.

* The game comes out on the 24/5/12.

Now we play the waiting game, which I am terrible at.