Last Friday Melbourne was treated to it’s first mega collaboration with headwear giant New Era, in the form of St Alban legends SaintSide’s Dollars and Sense snapback. While I was busy on DJ duties, I did get time to take a handful (just one hand) of pics to show you just what went down. Unfortunately the next DJ was running late and I had to bolt to my next gig, so didn’t get a chance to take more party pics after my set like I had planned to do. But you get the jist. While this was at the beginning of the night, by 7pm the entire top floor of 15 McKillop St was heaving with crew, sipping on gin and juice (well beer and water!), wiping sweat beads from their brows as the temperatures rose with every person that walked in. Both colours of the snapbacks were available for purchase on the night, with those who copped entering into a draw to win a matching G-Shock. Sadly I had to leave before the winner was drawn but by the looks of things and the massive feedback, Saint Side killed it and are proving time and time again, they are THE homies to look out for! I’m pretty sure you can still cop a cap if you ask nicely, so head on over to the SaintSide website for more details. Props to Mark, Steve, Alex and Andrew for having me yo!