“What the Sekure?” Dunk Low

Something I didn’t think I was ever going to do has now taken physical form in these ‘What the Sekure D’ Dunk Lows. I have been customizing for going on 8 years and it seemed like a good way to celebrate this achievement and present a pair of what I think is so desperately missed in the custom scene these days, originally flipped custom sneakers.

Much like the original ‘What the’ Dunk Low Sbs these feature a collection of panels from some of my most well known customs to date! I have spent the best part of third of my life developing my style when it comes to designing sneakers and artwork as a profession and have recently seen what can only be described as the downturn in talent, craftsmanship and creativity in the field I am so passionate about.

"What the Sekure?" Dunk Low

If you were new to the scene you would swear looking at blogs that all anyone does when customizing sneakers is take pre existing colorways and patterns and repaint them onto a basketball shoe, imaginative right? I do not hate on peoples hustle or ability to flip this kind of work for large stacks but it’s disappointing to see this kind of work become the pinnacle of our field and be the only type rewarded by some of the major sneaker sites. Don’t we live in a scene that rewards originality anymore?

I begun customizing sneakers because I wanted shoes nobody else had, seeing people like Emmanuelabor, SBTG, bLue and 1OF push the boundaries of what a creative mind could do with a pair of sneakers made me decide to pursue my passion for a living and put off using my University Degrees. Seeing what we call custom sneakers today I sit back and wonder if I would still do the same thing if I was today finishing University, I am sure the answer is no.

I have created the Custom Sneaker Forum in an attempt to once again reward the creative and inventive. I miss the days when posting up a pair of well conceptualized sneakers with outstanding craftsmanship and receiving peer support and commentary was more rewarding than having some fake celebrity sneaker head post them on Instagram.

Maybe this is just what happens when something underground goes mainstream and it was to some degree inevitable but I am going to keep swimming upstream against the tide as long as I can because originality and creativity is worth fighting for.

"What the Sekure?" Dunk Low"What the Sekure?" Dunk Low"What the Sekure?" Dunk Low"What the Sekure?" Dunk Low

These new customs feature panels from these previous customs among others, Sinner, Brainbuster, StreethingWebslinger, Blade, Mummy, Life Aquatic, Carnage, Myst, Blood Splattered Angel, Rogue, ID4. I will make these available on my webstore this coming Monday.

You can also check out the Custom Sneaker Forum by clicking this link. Any participation in the site and support of the creative is truly appreciated, who knows, they could go on to design your next favourite collaboration so why not get on board early, lets not forget that SBTG, Methamphibian and myself were all picked up off forums and the internet.

Thankyou for reading this post.

Live creatively