Sekure D x Jordan Brand Collaboration

So it has just been brought to my attention that SneakerNews have today leaked a collaboration I did with Jordan Brand for an Air Jordan 2011 “Australia” edition. I am going to shoot right off the hip with this post so apologies if it is all over the place.

The shoes came about surrounding Micheal Jordan’s trip to Australia at the end of 2011 for a golf tournament. To commemorate his first time visiting our wonderful country and after speaking with Gentry Humphrey whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with over the years we decided to work on a shoe together and what you see is essentially the first sample. The design inspiration for the Air Jordan 2011 surrounded three words; Air, Quick and Explosive and wanting to incorporate that into the design for the shoe in Australian terms I decided to base the shoe around the Red Kangaroo. More specifically:

QUICK – The Kangaroo is the quickest indigenous Australia animal with a top speed of 70km/h or 44pmh.
AIR – Has a leap as long as 9m (almost double the distance of the foul line) and famously hops in order to move and reach top speed.
EXPLOSIVE – Devastating kicking power when confronted or threatened not to mention its agility and manoeuvrability at top speed.

During the design and sampling of this shoe however we hit a major roadblock, the lockout was in full effect and MJ had to cancel his trip to Australia meaning that my project got shelved, understandably.  As I mentioned earlier the shoe that has leaked and that has been credited to Dwayne Wade as a PE is actually the first sample of my design. To be included in the production model was a tan reverse stitching on the main toe panel, a speckled midsole and an increase in the speckle in the outsole to represent the red dusty center of Australia where these Kangaroos are commonly found. Also to come attached as a kind of keychain and info packet was a pouch with information about Sekure D.

It was an enormous honor and privilege to have been asked by Jordan Brand to work on a collaboration, it was literally a childhood dream come true. To know that MJ even heard my name and put on a pair of shoes I did a colorway for still blows me away almost a full year later..

Because these were samples and only worn by Wade at one event I have mixed emotions about these dropping online, especially the outrageous $2000 price tag on ebay! On some level it is great that people know that I was given such an incredible opportunity but by the same token they are not seeing the final product of what I and Jordan Brand had envisaged. I have sat on these and did not post pictures or the info ever since I got the job hoping that it would regain life in some way or another in the future but now they are out there for everyone to see and I hope you all like them! Even though I didn’t quite achieve my dream to the fullest and see my Jordan Brand shoe on shelves I do have 2 pairs sitting in my studio reminding me that what I am doing everyday is absolutely worth my while! Thankyou everyone for reading my post.