Air Jordan ‘Comedian’ VI

The third installment of my Watchmen x Jordan series belongs to the infamous Edward Blake, better known as the Comedian! I don’t know about you but the Jordan VI always has had a military feel to it for me and if you know the character you can see why this is the perfect fit for him! The Comedian believes that humans are savages and basic civilization is an idealistic impossibility and decides as such to become a mockery of it. Even though he is both a member of the Minutemen and the Crimebusters he fights and kills without reservation. If you have read the Graphic Novel you will undoubtedly be able to allocate  two of the most disturbing scenes to ‘Eddie’. Don’t worry, no spoilers!

Air Jordan 'Comedian' VI

Following on from a conversation with the Night Owl, Comedian implies he is the ultimate representation of the American dream and as such he wears the star on his right shoulder and stripes on his left, this was the first thing I decided to include in the design. His leather costume with silver accents are another focus of the design which helps contrast against the yellow and red detailing. Next up were the heel logos: first of all is the blood stained smiley face which may very well be the most iconic image from the novel. It was a trademark on the costume of the Comedian and as such I couldn’t help but include it. Honestly it was actually a bit surreal to even paint it after staring at it for so many years of my life!

Air Jordan 'Comedian' VI
Air Jordan 'Comedian' VI

If you haven’t read Watchmen I am sure you’re probably wondering why I would put a rose on the heel of such a character. Well, one of my favourite scenes in the novel is the commentary of the Comedians funeral by none other than Rorschach. Not really a spoiler it happens in the first scene! To quote Rorschach “Is that what happens to us? A life of conflict with no time for friends… So that when it’s done, only our enemies leave roses. Violent lives ending violently, we never die in bed. Not allowed.” You can check the scene below in the animated comic, its epic and its worth watching until the end, even if its just for the punch line!

Finally, I wanted to utilize the panels of the Jordan VI that are not often, if ever, utilized when customizing. The lower and upper heel panels were used to highlight the silver and military detailing on the Comedians uniform and the raised upper accents were colored yellow as was the outline of the Comedians mask. The splatter was added to represent the horrid nature of some of the Comedians acts as well as tie in the red on all levels of the shoe.

Edward Morgan Blake
1924 –  1985

Air Jordan 'Comedian' VI

I hope you guys like this pair as much as I do! It may not be overwhelmingly stacked with patterns and graffiti but hopefully the inspiration and design concept gives you the same enthusiasm for them as the previous two. These are now available on my website in a 9.5US and if anyone would like to commission me to do a Silk Spectre, Night Owl or Ozymandias pair to help complete the set of 6 that would be fantastic!

Until next time