Review: G-Shock App for iPhone

The G-Shock smartphone app has been floating around for a little while now, so we thought it was high time to put it to the test and give it a sneaky G-Street review. First of all, it’s definitely worth the cost – ‘cos it costs nada!
When you first open the app you’ll be confronted with a sandpit and will have to burrow out a classic G-Shock DW-5600, then you’ll be ready to play. The meat in this app sandwich is definitely the gaming – you can play three separate quick games and they’re all a bit of fun.
First up is G-Shock Attack: it’s likely you’ll have no idea what to do when this first starts up. Even though you’re asked to tap the screen, the intention is still a bit perplexing. I touched the watch that came up on screen, felt a mild vibration and saw a light flash fly out of my camera lens before the screen sporadically changed watches for no apparent reason. At the end of hitting the screen steadily more rapidly I’d found I’d unlocked some app content – a new movie, yay! And a new wallpaper for my phone commemorating G-Shock’s 30th anniversary, yay! I still don’t know for sure, but I think the goal of the game is to hit the watch as fast as you can as it gets smaller and smaller. It’s meant to show off how tough the G-Shock is, but don’t treat this like you would a regular G-Shock – it’s still your phone screen! It won’t be able to take the punishment you’re used to giving real G-Shocks and it will break! This may sound like obvious advice, but the screen G-Shock looks damn real and you can get caught up in the moment!
The second game is G-Shock Dive, it demonstrates the watch line’s super water resistance. Again, do not pour actual water on your phone G-Shock, unless you have dry rice on hand. This game’s pretty cool. As you blow into your phone, the digital G-Shock gets submerged deeper in the water. It really tests out your lung capacity, so smokers should avoid this! Having said that, I only got to level three with my clean lungs, so I might call some friends in to get a mobius strip of blowing going on to try and reach that maximum 200 metres depth.
The third and final procrastination program is G-Shock Heat. Your fingers become fireballs to melt down the screen G-Shock from its ice casing and heat it up to a blistering 60 degrees. It’s pretty easy for everyone to start off on, but you can also flip up the skill level if you’ve got particular rapid digits.
High scores in all games unlock content like wallpapers, videos and new G-Shock silhouettes to use in the games. It’s a good feeling to win a watch, even if you can’t slip it on your wrist for real.
For the more practical among us, there’s some great other features in the app too. There’s a stopwatch, a backlight for reading time in the deep dark and you can set up to three alarms – and that means no more annoying iPhone ringtones waking you up!
Overall, I’d say this is one of the funnest and most useful apps on my iPhone now, and it shows off some of G-Shock’s most important features pretty well.

You can download the G-Shock App from iTunes here.

G-Shock iPhone app