Bliss n Eso to design G-Shock model

Casio have announced that they will work with Aussie hip-hop group Bliss n Eso to create a new G-Shock to be released in 2014 and limited to 1,000 pieces. Before taking to the stage at the recent 30th Anniversary G-Shock party in Melbourne, the Sydney emcees were unveiled as the new design brains behind G-Shock’s first ever colab aimed at the Australian market. G-Shock’s Down Under marketing man Bruno Bouchet gave us the good word on how the colab is shaping up…

Why Bliss n Eso?
BB: The boys from Bliss n Eso had been wearing G-Shock for years. Similarly, the staff at G-Shock Australia had been listening to Bliss N Eso for years. So when G-Shock recently looked at teaming up with someone – it was a no brainer. It’s the first collaboration Casio has ever done in Australia. Globally, Casio has previously teamed up with the likes of Kanye West, Spike Lee, the Wu-Tang Clan, Eric Haze, DC Shoes, Stussy, Bape and Astro Boy.

What will be the process and timeline for the group  to collaborate with G-Shock to make the limited edition watch?
Like all good things, it starts with beers and a few ideas being thrown around. The boys already own a tonne of G-Shocks so they know exactly how they’d like their own G-Shock to look. After the initial ideas are nutted out, Bliss n Eso will fly over to Japan to meet with Casio’s head designers and engineers … the mission is to turn a few sketches into a real-life watch. Realistically – the whole process can take up to 9-months.

What are the features of the watch?
It’s still quite early days when it comes to features. One of the guys from Bliss n Eso recently mentioned that it should tell the time … thus – for now – we can reveal that the Bliss n Eso G-Shock will in fact tell the time.

What do you want to get out of this release?
For both G-Shock and Bliss n Eso we’d all like to release a watch that we’re genuinely proud of. The thing is – we’re all watch people – so if we’re able to release something that we can proudly put up on a mantelpiece and repeatedly boast about it when friends come over – then we’ve succeeded.

Will you continue to do more Australia watches and collaborations?
Absolutely … we’re already in talks with a major athlete about making his own G-Shock.