G-Shock Collectors Corner: East Coast Radek

When does a G-Shock lover become a bonafide G-Shock collector? Five watches? Ten? We want to shine a light on those G-Shock jocks out there who can’t keep control of their addiction to time toughness, and this week we’re featuring a mysterious YouTube personality who has a taste for candy-coated G’s. He calls himself ‘East Coast Radek’, we don’t know why, he’s probably American, although his accent suggests he might be a recent settler or possibly from the east coast of Europe? Russia? Poor geography aside, Radek’s collection is straight fire and he knows how to package it! In this video you’ll see the highlights of his 60 piece-strong collection slipped into a Pelican briefcase ever so suavely, and it’s a kaleaidscopic affair with all kinds of freshness featured. Although he’s only been collecting for a couple of years, East Coast Radek clearly has a great eye for design and fresh colourways! Peep some stills from the video in the gallery below or watch the moving pictures in full glory further down.

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