G-Shock Collectors Corner: Nedsrock

Last week we kicked off our G-Shock Collector’s Corner by showing off East Coast Radek’s colourful bunch of Gs, and we put the call out to other G-Streeters with great collections. As always, you didn’t let us down! Up this week is Nedsrock, a dude with dozens of G-Shocks and a penchant for the Frogman line in particular. Nedsrock gave us some great pics of his collection and told us about how he fell in love with G-Shock.

Thanks for the pics Ned, when did you first start getting into G-Shock?
Nedsrock: I have always been a fan of G-Shock since I was a little boy, but I really started collecting  in August 2009. At first I was searching for a GW7900B-1 because my favorite colour is black, and I got into a forum in my country and met a few friends who collected G-Shocks.
From there I searched and bought new release G-Shocks. I only had one Frogman but I got so attached to it and other vintage G-Shocks. For me, Frogman and older vintage G-Shocks are more difficult to find and that makes it more fun to hunt them down.

Awesome. What’s your favourite G-Shock?
It’s got to be the G-Shock Frogman DW8200BK-1JF, which is known as the ‘Black Knight’. The hardest G-Shock I have found in great condition is the G-Shock Frogman DW8200B-9A, also known as the ‘King of Frogman’.

Why do you love the Black Knight?
My answer is quite simple, I always like black, and the Black Knight for me is the best black Frogman cause it’s really full black.

What’s the next G-Shock you’ll buy?
I want the G-Shock GWF-T1030A-1JR Frogman 30th Anniversary. I like the colour combination of black and red, but the retail price is too expensive, hopefully someday I’ll get it!

Check out more of Nedsrock’s collection in the gallery below and on his Instagram.

If you’ve got a crazy G-Shock collection you want to share with G-Street readers then post pics of your collection to our Facebook page.  If you’ve got five or five-hundred, we want to hear from you!