Channel Islands x G-Shock GLX-150CI-1JR arriving in Australia

Another top drop from the May crop, the Channel Islands x G-Shock GLX-150CI-1JR has popped up in Japanese stores, meaning its on its merry way to Casio retailers across the world very soon. Channel Islands make surf boards but they can definitely say they are skilled watch designers too now – this straight gorgi electric green and black G-Shock is sure to be a popular piece with wave riders. Appropriately, it features a tide graph and important data about the moon shine, world time display for those dual hemispherical surfers, hourly alarms to make sure you don’t forget to hit the wet on the reg and seven years of battery life. We’ll bring you wider availability info when we know, so in enjoy the pics below in the meantime, via Watch Tanaka.

UPDATE: The G-Shock Channel Islands GLX is confirmed for an August drop at Australian G-Shock retailers. So start skimping on your surfboard wax payments right now and get your banjos stacking up.