Casio cabinet and 5 x G-Shock winner announced

We built it and you came! We put on our biggest competition ever, giving away an uber rare Casio cabinet and five new G-Shocks to the most creative G-Streeter to profess their love for G-Shock through an image. We’ve had some amazing entries and we’re super stoked to know we’ve got such a talented community of Casio kids checking in, but as they say… there can only be one winner! C’mon now, don’t cheat and scroll down yet, let’s draw this out a bit longer. Let’s count down our five favourite entries…


The most cerebral of the entries, this composition was a little stroke of genius. Ted Johns paired Casio wrist clocks with circa-same-time buzz tech products like the Palm Pilot and Sat Nav. With a couple of decades of history on his table, Ted is a very clever hoarder and a king of retro tech!


Forget the damn LolCats, Dogs are where it’s at. This either took 500 shutter shots to make happen or this pooch is the best trained G-Shock rockin’ pet in the Southern Hemisphere.


Tank Robinson is a boss when it comes to colour matching G-Shocks to clothes, weather and just about any background. We loved his entries so much we decided to give him a whole feature. Keep it up, Tank!


Danny Handsome doesn’t have mad connects, he is the connect! Danny submitted a stack of stellar entries showing off his incredible collection and gorgeous family – even his little toddler refuses the Baby-G and rocks true beefy G’s like a boss. We’d love to give him the cabinet, but he’s already got plenty of G-Shock storage units and just about every G-Shock to ever drop! We dream of taking a look at Danny’s whole collection one day. Want to be on Collectors Corner, Danny?


Supreme feats of strength must be rewarded. Loi Mach shocked the world when he went right angles on a pole in a laneway. Is this clever photography, even more clever photoshop, or just the work of a man who is wasting his talents if he doesn’t have an Olympic medal yet? It doesn’t matter, cos even though Loi is defying gravity and meticulously tailored his outfit to the backdrop, the real star of the show is the beaming reverse white G-Shock. A thing of true resin beauty in a plastic world. Well done Loi, you just won the granddady, peep your loot below!

The Loot