Top ten selling G-Shocks for February 2014

Here we go again, we’re counting down the top of the G-Shock pops for the last month, and we’ve even got some Baby-G goodness to get down with this time around! But first, let’s look at the movers and the shakers on the G list. In first pozzie, it’s another black and gold number. We’ve pretty much come to expect this, the B&G combo has been the flavour to savour over the last year and has regularly occupied top spot, and it’s the GA-110GB-1 that creeps up to first for Feb after sitting pretty as the third highest seller in January. Also maintaining a place in the elite group two months in a row is the black and brassy BA-110RG, while the yellow GA100A sneaks up four spots. Everything else is fresssh meat, with our pick of the bunch being the tenth highest selling G, the blue and black GA-100 – that thing is tight! Ladies show they do things differently, with the Baby-G hot list favouring white and gold models, with hits of pink a must too. That top placed BA-110-7A shows no signs of slowing down in popularity – we saw it last year and our audience went crazy for it, clearly that’s carrying over to sales. How many of these did you pick up last month? Show us on our Facebook page.