Beauty shots of the G-Shock Crazy Colors ‘NY Giants’ G-8900CS-8JF

You know it by now, the latest G-Shock Crazy Colours range is footbawwwl-inspired, with the colours of six teams covering the models. We took a good old peek at the Redskins rendition and now we lay our Empire state of mind eyes on the G-8900CS-8JF, a clear incarnation of the mighty New York Giants (or is it America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys?). The G’s jaunty silver pants are sprayed across the bezel, while the famed blue of their jerseys swallows up the rest of the piece. This model ain’t in the premium bracket of G-Shocks, so it’s definitely one you could flaunt out at a tailgate party or just at a rowdy bar when the game’s on. You can holler at your G-Shock retailer if you want a piece of the action.