Pics of the G-Shock MT-G S1000D-1A4JF

The Metal Twisted G-Shock made a big splash when it first arrived last year – its price bracket was pushing well north of a grand, and that’s cause for hoopla on its own – but it’s been a bit of a sleeping giant recently. Perhaps it’s the short production run (and price tag) that makes this model feel kinda intangible to us, but seeing new pics of the most recent model to hit select shelves around the world has us seriously considering taking second jobs to fund one of these puppies. G-Shock have played with a black and red palette many times before, even with the MT-G, but we’ve gotta say, this is our favourite riff on popular combo and our favourite Metal Twisted G-Shock to date. Stainless steel band and face, blacked-out face with deadly red accents – it’s beyond tight. Peep it in the gallery below, via Watch Tanaka, and holler at your G-Shock retailer to see if they’re getting it in.