G-Shock Collector’s Corner: Ben Rosen

Name: Benjamin Rosen
Instagram handle: @Benrosen56
Number of G-Shocks in collection: 104

When some people fall in love, they fall hard. They become obsessed and can’t get enough of the object of their affection. Despite his youth, Ben Rosen wouldn’t let grown ups tell him his feelings would fade when he first got bitten by the G-Shock love-bug last year, and he was right – he’s still head over wrists for his favourite watches and recently joined the centenary club. Half of his bedroom is devoted to his muse, with a shrine for G-Shock worship and storage as well as a stack of rare merch and even (our favourite) a home-made G-Shock costume. We caught up with the young gun to discuss his undying passion for G-Shocks, an affliction many of us can relate to…

What made you first become interested in G-Shocks?
One summer I went on a trip to Panama and part of the packing list was a tough waterproof watch. After searching around for a bit I told my dad that I heard G-shock was a tough watch, so we looked around and decided upon a G-9300 Mudman. Then we found my dad’s old G-shock that came in the glove compartment of his Ford Focus and brought it back to life, so we now had two.  Now that my eyes were opened up a little bit to the wide world of G-Shock, I started to follow them to see the new releases and I fell in love with the GA-110Ac-7.  After getting it for my birthday I just became completely engrossed in the G-shock culture by following as many collectors as I could and watching countless reviews on YouTube, thus began my G-shock collecting.

When did that occur?
I got my first, the G-9300 Mudman, aroung March of 2013 and then got the GA-110AC-7 around June the same year and then really took off collecting around August.first g-shock

What is your favourite G-Shock model generally?
I would have to say that the 1000 series Frogman is my favorite model, which is quite ironic considering how small my wrists are. Even though it’s a little big for me I still love it because I love heavy watches and if you can say anything about the 1000 series, you can say that it’s heavy.

What is your favourite G-Shock release from your personal collection and why?
I would say that my personal favorite from my collection is the DW-6900 Coke x Bape that released over the summer. Something about that dazzling red and the striking white Coca-Cola logo on on the upper band really just draws me to it.

favorite g-shock

Is there a G-Shock model from the past that you think should be re-issued?
In my opinion, they should bring back the Antman model from the early 2000s.  The rotating digits it has are so unique I think more people should have  the opportunity to own one.

What are the greatest lengths you’ve gone to in tracking down a G-Shock you wanted?
Ever since I had first laid eyes on it, I wanted an Antman. After searching months on eBay, I came up empty handed so I turned to some other collectors for help. Even after asking somebody for help, I still had to wait months to get it.  Finally, one day he helped me secure a NOS Antman with box and tags all the way from Japan.

wall clock:costume

Do you have any interesting stories related to your collection?
One day last year I noticed that a teacher in my school was wearing a Baby-G so I asked her if I could see it more closely. She agreed so she took it off and let me see it and that’s when I received a very big shock. The Baby-G she was wearing was an ICERC model!! To add to the greatness, she actually asked me to fix it for her because she couldn’t get it out of military time and she knew that I collected them.

Do you love G-Shock for fashion or function?
I love it for both.  On normal days I will use a G-shock to complement my outfit by color coordinating but when I’m doing some outdoor activities, like snowboarding, I use the functions.  The thermometer normally comes in the most handy when snowboarding but I use the altimeter on the Rangeman a lot too.
Has a G-Shock ever broken on you?
Luckily I have never had a G-shock break on me but I have had batteries die, so I taught myself how to open up the module and replace them.

Do you have a holy grail G-Shock that you want but don’t have?
My holy grail of G-shock is the DW-6900 LRG ‘Time is Money’ collaboration.  I was bidding on one on eBay but somebody swooped in with a few minutes left and raised the price way over what I was willing to pay. Another grail of mine that I have never had the opportunity to own is the Master of G, Revman.

Anything else you want to say about your collection or G-Shock?
Within my G-shock collection I have another mini collection.  I am attempting to collect one of each model of the Master of G, both past and present. I have everything, including the Lungman and Antman, except a Wademan and a Revamn. Hopefully one day soon I will complete this mini goal of mine!

rare g-shock

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