G-Shock Collector’s Corner: Pat Delaney


Name: Patrick Delaney
Hometown: Campbelltown, Australia
Instagram handle: @Halfcast1
Number of G-Shocks in collection: 72 with a few on the way

We met Patrick for the first time at the recent Bliss N Eso x G-Shock launch party, he told us he won a competition with G-Street last year. The memories came flooding back – he submitted over 20 entries for the Eminem comp – and we got to talking about his collection. He’s a relatively new disciple of the G-Shock church, experiencing his epiphany when he saw Marshall Bruce Mathers III stomping around the stage wearing one just two years ago. He knows how to play catch up well though; he’s managed to amass a massive collection of G-Shocks rapidly and he ain’t about to stop. Enjoy our interview with Mr Delaney below…

What made you first become interested in G-Shocks?
I actually saw Eminem wearing one in February, 2012, and thought they looked great. So I knew I wanted to buy one. I had no idea how many different G-Shocks were available, so I bought the first one I thought looked cool, it was an 8900. When I started researching more on G-Shock and saw all the releases and collabs it was a wrap – I was addicted.


What is your favourite G-Shock model generally?
Very tough question but I would have to say the GA110. I just really love the look and the size of them, I’m also very fond of the Kings, DW-6900 and the new GDXs. At the end of the day I love all G-Shocks.

What is your favorite G-Shock release from your personal collection?
The Eric Haze GA110EH. I love it, I think it’s absolutely beautiful. Easily the best GA110 released. I love it so much I wore it on my wedding day.

Is there a G-Shock model from the past that you think should be re-issued?
It would have to be the GX56s (the King G-Shock). I really would love to see more color variations as well as more collabs with the King. Sadly those days are gone.

What are the greatest lengths you’ve gone to in tracking down a G-Shock you wanted?
I once rang a courier company pretending to work at a store in order to find out when a piece was arriving. I then turned up to the store 10 minutes after it was delivered. Needless to say I got the piece.


Do you have any interesting stories related to your collection?
Because of my love for G-Shock and also being a pain in the arse, I was able to get to go to the launch of the Bliss N Eso G shock and meet the guys. Bliss nN Eso have been one of my favourite groups so it was twice as good to meet them and also go to a G-Shock event.

Do you love G-Shock for fashion or function?
Primarily for fashion. G-Shocks come in so many different colours that you can match them with anything. I like to match them with my shirts. They’re also good for function. The main reason I wear them is to tell the time and they are great at doing that.

Has a G-Shock ever broken on you? What happened?
No, Luckily enough that hasn’t happened to me, G-Shocks are super tough anyway.


Do you have a holy grail G-Shock that you want but don’t have?
That would have to be the GA110DR, the Dee and Ricky. I was talking to a seller on eBay about it. I offered him $350 for it and he wanted to see what he could get on the auction. It went for $330 but I missed it because I was at work when the auction ended. I’ll never forget that, it was over a year ago now.

Anything else you want to say about your collection or G-Shock?
I have been able to create friendships all over the world from collecting G-Shocks. I have become friends with people that I know will now go beyond collecting and have for the rest of my life. It also doesn’t hurt to have a very supporting wife that at times doesn’t want me to go nuts buying them but doesn’t stop me from pursuing my love. Her Name is Geraldine or ‘G’ for short. So having her initial on my favorite watch is a bonus!