Greatest G-Shock colab ever nominee: Eric Haze x G-Shock (30th Anniversary)

Model number: GA-110EH-8A

Collaborator: Stussy + A Bathing Ape

Year released: 2013

Legendary New York graffiti artist Eric Haze is a G-Shock colab veteran but it’s his GA-110EH-8A effort for the brand’s 30th anniversary that is truly his magnum opus. Served in black, red, silver and pearl, the watch featured a star-studded band bearing Haze’s distinctive cloud tag and came in a matching collector tin. This one is going to hold up as a classic up until G-Shock’s next milestone anniversary, we can feel it.

Thanks to Pat Delaney for nominating this. Do you think it’s the greatest G-Shock colab of all time? If so, head HERE and Like the post to enter to win a Metal Twisted G-Shock (Comp details here).