G-Shock Collector’s Corner: Danny Pountain

Name: Danny Pountain
Hometown: London
Instagram handle: @pountain1
Number of G-Shocks in collection: 52

What made you first become interested in G-Shocks?
After visiting the G-Shock East store on Brick Lane in London, I got speaking with the manager, Jonathan Francis, and fell in love with my first buy, which was the Krink!

When did that occur?
This was about three to four years ago now.

What is your favourite G-Shock model generally?
Both the GA110 and the DW6900. I go for colour, the brighter the better in my eyes.
Is there a G-Shock model from the past that you think should be re-issued?
Yeah… the entire Hyper Colour range, them pieces are great fun and full of colour, making them big statements! As mentioned before, I’m in it for the colour.

What are the greatest lengths you’ve gone to in tracking down a G-Shock you wanted?
Having pieces shipped from Australia and suffering the excessive custom charges, just to get the best piece of my collection, which I wanted from day one… the Manbox GA-110F-2! (Ed’s note: you hear that, Australia is where the heat is!) I’ve since had bits shipped from both the Philippines and the States!

Do you have any interesting stories related to your collection?
While on holiday for seven days with the family, I took with me seven Gs. One for each day while there, my family are always telling me that I must slow down on my collecting as I simply can’t wear all the watches I’m buying, so I tried to wear all seven in one hit on an evening out – you had to be there, but it was crazy funny! I’ll continue to collect HARD regardless of what the family say.


Do you love G-Shock for fashion or function?
Both really… but I’d say fashion over function, in all fairness!

Has a G-Shock ever broken on you? What happened?
Touch wood… NEVER!!! Which is a good reason to keep collecting, actually, I haven’t yet had one battery go on me!

Do you have a holy grail G-Shock that you want but don’t have?
Yep… The DGK1 and the black Dee & Ricky! I missed the boat, trying to buy one now proves difficult, when they do become available, they are at astronomical rates. If you’ve got one going for a fair price, hit me up.

Anything else you want to say about your collection or G-Shock?
I’ll keep building on my collection. It’s a love of mine, I can’t get enough of it! If I’m not buying, I’m spending hours on end doing homework on my beloved Gs and looking at what can be purchased next. Thanks heaps, G-Street.