G-Shock blasphemy: Diamond encrusted customs

If you’ve ever browsed G-Shocks on eBay, you’ve probably come across a stack of garish (almost always fake) diamond-encrusted DW-6900 custom creations. We encourage y’all to get creative with your love of Gs, and buy whatever you want, but we’ve gotta say that we reckon a lot of these baller Gs are good fun, but straight swagless. Above we can see a bejewelled G-Shock that (refreshingly) doesn’t even try to fake what it is, citing the “diamonds” as ‘lab-made’, but the seller does get a bit creative with the blurb…

This Men’s Casio G Shock watch is the latest in style when it comes to originality. Its unique face creates a serious fashion statement that will get you noticed. This watch can easily accommodate any attire, whether its for the office, or to go out, its a true head turner! It is water resistant up to 200m.

‘Serious fashion statement’? They meant ‘Hilarious fashion statement at a costume party’, surely. And ‘Can easily accommodate any attire’? Please show us one article of clothing that a person of sane mind and style anywhere close to conventional would own that this goes with. It wouldn’t even work on this guy.

Nevertheless, peace be with you, flashy folk. If you want this, check it out here.