G-Shock MT-G 1000 (2007 Throwback)

After a long rest from the nostalgia vibes, we take a trip back down memory lane to eight years ago. The Metal Twisted G-Shock series first debuted back in the year 2000, and has had a stack of new releases since. The MTG has always been in the top bracket of G-Shock premium releases, but it was only last year that G-Shock decided to take the quality and price tag of it to a new stratosphere. New editions go for well over $1,000, but this MTG-1000 from 2007 was a little more accessible. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the most recent edition, but it’s still a high-tech wrist piece not short on style. The OG could even store up to 30 phone numbers in it! That was handy when you were switching over your Nokia 3310 to the 3315 and hadn’t saved your numbers to your SIM card. Flick the pics of this golden oldie above, and if you like the style and lower price tag, you might be into the all-new G-Steel.