Robert Geller shows off G-Shock MTG at Men’s Fashion Week

Casio is super proud of the Metal Twisted G-Shock, its luxury timepiece tailor-made for those upper echelon tax bracket flexers out there, and high fashion designer Robert Geller has realised it’s runway-worthy too. At the presentation of his Spring/Summer16 collection at the inaugural New York Men’s Fashion Week, 12 out of his 30 models repped the opulent G-Shock, and it looked oh-so-right paired with the premium garments. Flick the pics below for proof.Robert-Geller-G-Shock-10  Robert-Geller-G-Shock-2 Robert-Geller-G-Shock-3 Robert-Geller-G-Shock-4 Robert-Geller-G-Shock-5 Robert-Geller-G-Shock-6 Robert-Geller-G-Shock-7 Robert-Geller-G-Shock-8 Robert-Geller-G-Shock-9