International spotlight: N.Hoolywood G-Shock DW-D5600P colab

You already know it, G-Shock holds it down worldwide with a bunch of district-specific collaborations. You might remember Australia’s Bliss N Eso banger? We sometimes chance upon other country’s special colabs on our daily global web trawling, and today we pulled up this pretty one. Forged by the eccentrically and extensively named Tokyo fashion house N.Hoolywood 1/2 Mister Hollywood is this DW5600 switch-up. It’s the brand’s second colab with G-Shock, and this one expertly transposes their earnest apparel aesthetic to wristwear, as we see the band and LCD border blacked out, with a slab of chrome in there for contrast and some bold lettering not typically listed on the DW5600. What do you think? Peep the pics and let us know on the G-Street Facebook page.