Top Ten selling G-Shocks of August 2015

It’s top of the G-Shock pops time again, as we count down Australia’s most ordered models for August. Look who’s at the top! The black and gold GA-110GB-1A refuses to bow down – it’s the highest selling G-Shock of the last five years and is still moving by the boatload. Bravo! The GA110 actually takes out the top three positions, with a brassy number and a dark Heathered release saddling up too. There’s a lot of love for dual-time watches out there at the moment, it would seem. A trio of camo releases also make the grade, proving that the print still has some currency despite its ubiquity. The inclusion we’re most stoked on, however, is number 8 – the G-Shock G-Steel. We really believed in this design from the jump, so it’s dope to know that a lot of you out there did too. How many did you pick up this month?