Top 10 selling G-Shocks of October 2015

Another month has come and gone, what G-Shocks did you pick up? We’re just 60-odd days shy of the year’s end now, so we’re sure G-Shock is gonna bring it home strong with a blinder of a November lineup; but first let’s look at your current buying behaviour. Much to our perennial bemusement, the black and gold GA-110GB-1A is still selling by the truckload many years since it first went on sale. Aussies simply cannot get enough of it, and it’s reclaimed pole position for October. In second pozzie is the resurgent brassy GA-110RG-1A, which seems to be shaping up as a next gen carrier of the flame for the black and gold’s status as a must-have standard G. The pricey MTG stacks up the cash in third place, while camo designs are highlights of the back half. Which ones did you get?