What Watchuseek members are saying about the G-Shock ‘Nightowl’

Watchuseek is a most magical place for G-Shock lovers – you can discuss your passion for resin possessions all damn day with like-minded and equally opinionated internet-people. Of course Sneaker Freaker’s new collaboration with the unbreakable watch brand is being hotly debated  on the forum right now, so we thought we’d compile some of the most compelling comments. Here they are, the lovers and the detractors came out in full force …

Soulbridgemedia: Having the eyes teal would be cool. being sneaker guys i think they kept it minimal to minimise clashing with sneakers so it goes with everything

Domoon: To me it looks like the strap going to have the starry night print like on the box (akin to supra’s dots?) Looks neat, especially likes the night owl writing under the display. The only thing that looks a bit off to me is the green logo on what looks like a pretty monochrome watch face-but that’s just my preference

Kev55: Well spotted, Mike, Domoon – with black buttons, buckle (hope so) and starry night strap, I’m getting very interested.

Improvements: would have preferred the sneaker freaker lettering in free form teal without background rectangle – same thing that ruins the 5600 eric haze red rectangles.

Flying: I did not notice that strap detail domoon thanks & I think your right it may be the starry night theme

which could look quite nice too.

Taking a better look at it I am also digging the minimalist face too. Not unlike the SG-2 looks good in black too.

Also looks like black function buttons…which could mean black buckle as well. Yes the more I look the more I am li

king it & as Kev said this is wearable++


Bbsrailfan: Of late, most collabs have pretty flamboyant (cue the Johnny cupcake, Burton, Alife, Maharishi). This is very tame in comparison – probably the only other series that looked so neat was the Eminem collab.

Soulbridgemedia: its def. made to show that it is indeed a SF watch without any confusion. wouldve loved to seen maybe the ears, eyes and beak of the owl in that spot, like just an outerline drawing and having the box logo on the band some where, maybe just across the band like where you would normally see “protection”….and a teal keeper

Flying: I am kinda liking this one actually quite a bit…even as simple as it is.,.,

The two small dials do look teal inside & also the black buttons…slight strap deco etc..all looking pretty good to me…lastly

a bit of back plate work…not much but some these days have none yet want a premium price..

Lastly a Japan made model always grabs me a bit more than the rest…sorry but true

Lets see if I can get one or if this is a resellers target

Kev55: There are some really nice touches there. Love the blacked out caseback. Note the time shows 20:15:00 – all 3 eyes should be open – so the first 2 “teal” eyes have been photoshopped “closed” and the 3rd eye also altered.

The more cultured of us will call this “the Vincent” (van Gogh) – Starry Night.

Soulbridgemedia: That’s the thing with collabs and limited editions, youre not really paying for the sum of parts or even the colour alot of the time. i rarely chase them for that very reason but if you want to be one of only 1000 ppl in the world to have something, its a small price to pay.

only one way to find out if you can get one, just jump on their site on the 20th

LankyOrangutan:Might have to see if I can grab one of these, it’s growing on me the more I look at pictures… Hope it’s not too hard to get.

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