G-Shock artist spotlight: Filfury

In the Temple of G fanzine, we commissioned a bunch of talented artists to get creative with a G-Shock silhouette and reflect in words on why they dig the brand. Here we see London-based artist Filfury’s take on the GWG-1000.

“The GWG-1000 just looks heavy duty. Mad tough! And what’s tougher than a cockroach? A SHOCK-ROACH! I was inspired to craft an insect-interpretation influenced by the watch’s bold form and sharp edges. The design screams durability and defence, you know it will withstand the toughest environments. Cockroaches will survive a thermonuclear war and they can live without their heads attached. When I lived in Sydney I had a daily battle with the critters and they usually won. To me, a G-SHOCK timepiece is an essential. I’m not usually one to quote Tinie, but ‘G-SHOCKs, I got a crazy dumb collection. Haters, I can’t hear your reception!’” – Filfury