G-Shock artist spotlight: Ghica Popa

In the Temple of G fanzine, we commissioned a bunch of talented artists to get creative with a G-Shock silhouette and reflect in words on why they dig the brand. Here we see Bucharest-based artist Ghica Popa’s take on the Frogman.

“The Frogman was designed for scuba divers, so when I was looking at a possible interpretation for my work, this ‘Fearless’ concept came to mind. I wanted to make a really nice friendly character, while also keeping the characteristics of the original design, so his head became the actual watch. I also turned the digits into a beard and transformed the small red dial into one of the character’s eyes. The body is made out of the same super tough material as the helmet. Our ‘Fearless Frogman’ remains happy and all smiles, despite the menacing sharks and sea creatures that surround him. It’s no wonder – he has an unbreakable G-SHOCK scuba suit protecting him!” – Ghica Popa