G-Shock artist spotlight: Grace Lee

In the Temple of G fanzine, we commissioned a bunch of talented artists to get creative with a G-Shock silhouette and reflect in words on why they dig the brand. Here we see Tokyo-based artist Grace Lee’s take on the DW-5000.

“For something to be regarded as tough, it has to withstand the test of time. Nothing about a G-SHOCK timepiece is gimmicky – there’s a purpose and a reason for each element and it all works in harmony. I chose to keep this illustration simple and focus on the design elements. It wasn’t until I started drawing the DW-5000 that I noticed all the details that make up the watch. Obviously the rugged protective case grabs you first – the bevelled shape that is so iconically G-SHOCK ‑ but it’s the intricate details that make Casio’s watches so compelling. From the LCD screen to the tiny brick pattern on the watch face, G-SHOCKs have a lot going on if you’ve got a keen eye.” – Grace Lee