Kidrobot to release new Andy Warhol toys

‘In the future, everyone will have a toy made of themselves.’ With the advances in 3D printing technology, we’re not far away from that reality, but for now it still costs a bit of bank to get your likeness on some rubber and plastic, so only public muses are blessed with the honour. Andy Warhol is definitely deserving of toy immortalisation, and those kings of collectibles, Kidrobot have gladly jumped in to show out for the pop art pioneer. The first preview of the collection has arrived, and you can see it above. Notably boasting the regrettably named ‘Dunny’ figurine, Warhol’s visage and art pieces are splashed across many Kidrobot pieces, form blind boxes to the big money big boys.

The first Andy Warhol Foundation x Kidrobot toys will drop in August. Stay tuned to Kidrobot’s webby.