G-Shock DW-003CB-3A (1998 Throwback)

In 1998 G-Shock released a colab with pro skateboarder, creative powerhouse and owner of the cult Toy Machine brand, Ed Templeton. For anyone with a soft spot for the baggy pants, giant shoes and tiny wheels that dominated the 90s skate scene, then this is sure to be on your list of all-time greatest Gs. The big bad DW-003CB-3A was the fruit of the 21st Century Boys series, which hosted an ongoing line of colabs with professional skaters of the time. The watch features imagery in Templeton’s recognisable style, as well as a custom backlight – they really went all out on this one. You may be familiar with the old ‘destroy Toy Machine’ graphics from back in the day, but we’re yet to hear from anyone who was able to destroy one of these.