G-Street’s Christmas Wish List 2016

As the festive season comes into view and creeps closer by the day, it’s time to get your gifting sorted – although we end up spending most of the time thinking about what we want. We’ve checked the site stats and G-Street has one reader in the North Pole – so big man, if you’re reading this, we’ve been good this year. Here’s a list of all the Gs we hope to find under the tree.



Just in case we’ve ended up on the naughty list this year, here’s our proposition. The GX-56BB-1D is black as char and just as chunky as a lump of coal, so how about you sling us one instead? Plus, aren’t you trying to cut down on carbon emissions? Where would you go if the poles melted, huh?



As an aviation expert yourself, you can appreciate our desire for a high altitude timepiece. We might not be shooting around the planet in an open-top, animal powered magical vehicle, but we reckon we’ll at least go on one holiday in 2017.



Summer has settled on the land Down Under and we know what’s coming next – watch tans. Aside from the fact that the Punching Pattern bands provide the ventilation to stop the dreaded wrist-sweats, we’re pretty sure they’d leave a killer strap-tan – like the doily under granny’s candy dish.



At any one time it’s estimated that at least half of the world’s population are wearing jeans – Santa, as a well travelled man, you could probably verify this. Anyhow, if denim is the classic fabric for your legs and the 5600 is the OG classic for your wrist, then why not both?



The killer bee Mudmaster just keeps buzzing through out heads. This has to be the Queen bee of G, let’s get a taste of the sweet stuff.



St. Nick, you know after all these years that you’ve sliding down our chimney, we’re not kids anymore. Opera, weddings, golf – it’s time for us to show our age. Drop that G-Steel under the tree this year so we can dip into that responsible adult aesthetic. At least we’ll look grown-up, even if we don’t feel it.



Frogs get smooched, right? Well, that’s our take-away from the fairy tales. We wouldn’t mind a few wet ones in the new year so how about you slip a fresh Frogman in the stocking?



Let’s get real here Mr. Clause, we want a taste of that top-shelf G. It’s the 20th anniversary of MR-G this year and what’s a big birthday if you don’t go home with someone? You know what we mean, we’re taking that MR-G home this year and you’re the guy who’s introducing us.



The new year is approaching and we want to get down with the newest of the Gs, the GA-700. This blacked out beauty has that tantalising front button, begging for a pushing. Give us the chance to get our digits on the big analogue.