G-Shock in Space – NASA Approved

The rising and setting of the sun has always been a reliable indicator of time, albeit a little rough. On the International Space Station the sun rises every 90 minutes, we can only imagine what kind of havoc that plays with your daily rhythm. If you are planning a trip to space, you’ll need a good watch to keep track of things. Luckily, G-Shock have you covered.

The G never had the chance to head to the moon, having been born well after the Apollo missions finished up, but in the age of low earth orbit the brand has become a staple addition to the kit of astronauts from around the world. The DW-5600C, DW-5600E, DW-5900, DW-6900 and G-9000 are all flight certified by NASA – just to name a few. Thanks to their abilities to resist the forces experienced during take-off, as well as to keep ticking in zero-g, it’s a no-brainer. It might be a while before we get the opportunity to blast off to the heavens, but if we ever do get the galactic go-ahead we’ll be ready.