New G-Shock Denim Series

Here at G-Street we know how important it is to have a G-Shock for every occasion. So, if you’re into matching your timepiece to your outfit, what better way to go than a denim-patterned G?

Good jeans are timeless, so let’s assume denim-coloured watches are too, and with three different models to choose from, you’re bound to find one that appeals. We lean to the GA-700DE-2A as the standout of the bunch. With dark blue colouring and matching LCD displays, the face and hands have been capped with copper to reflect the rivets that reinforce a classic pair of jeans’ stress points. That’s not to say we’re not digging the DW-5600DE-2 and GA-100DE-2A, because we definitely are – but hey, as we all do with jeans, we’re allowed to play favourites.