New Quad-Sensor Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000

The latest addition to G-Shock’s ocean-faring Gulfmaster line, the GWN-Q1000 has had its guts beefed up and its outside toned down, resulting in one of our favourite oceanic models to date. In terms of functionality, the new model comes crammed with quad sensor features, Tough Solar, Multiband 6 and Tide Graph. That means it’ll keep track of air pressure, water depth, altitude, horizontal orientation, temperature and, of course, the time – without putting excess strain on the battery. On the outside, the design has been simplified for optimal user experience. The hands and face markers have been accentuated to make them easy to see in poor weather, while some intuitive elements have been enhanced, including the undulating tide display. Plot a course to your local stockist some time in September and get yourself a Gulfmaster.