FILA x G-Shock DW-002 (90s Throwback)

The FILA x G-Shock collaboration was the quintessential symbol of 90s style. The design was part of FILA’s campaign to promote their 2A cushioning technology, which was the absolute pinnacle of sneaker tech at the time of release. The watches were used as promotional items, meaning you couldn’t just walk into a store to cop one – you had to know someone or you had to get lucky. The differences between the FILA edition and the standard DW-002 were purely aesthetic, but in our eyes they made all the difference. The brand’s logo was printed just above the face, while the band featured the 2A logo as well as the tagline ‘change the game.’ Then to add a little extra spice to the mix, a custom backlight burned the same 2A logo into retinas every time that big ol’ front button got hit.