G-Shock Drop a Watch From Space

Just when we thought we’d seen every crazy method for testing a G-Shock’s toughness, the crew from Casio UK have gone and dropped a watch from space. That’s right, they sent a GPW-2000 on a journey into the stratosphere, then loosed it of its ride and let it plummet back to terra firma. The fall clocked in at a massive 44.1 km, so it’s safe to say the watch will outperform any human it might be strapped to in the event of a catastrophic run in with gravity. Not only did it survive the fall, but the watch also endured temperatures of minus 58 degrees Celsius and g-forces of up to 3.63. If there are any other watchmakers out there claiming they can make a tougher timepiece, the bar has been set high, to say the least.