Getting in Deep with the New G-Steel

We finally got our hands on a few of the new G-Steel GST-B100 models and we are all-out obsessed. These are the first G-Steel models with an analogue chronograph movement, which means it contains a stopwatch that displays on the extra dials scattered about the face. It also has a new connected engine that uses Bluetooth to receive time-correction information directly from your smartphone. To keep all of the power-hungry gizmos juiced up, the G have laced the face with their Tough Solar tech to harness energy from the sun.

With its metal bracelet, the GST-B100D-1A has the look and feel of an MT-G, but if that’s a bit too burly for your liking, the carbon fibre GST-B100X-1A is what you’re after. The lightweight remake comes with a stealthy black build and may just be the pick of the bunch, but you’ll have to be quick, because it’s also rumoured to be the most limited.