Casio Are Releasing a Smaller MR-G

The MR-G line plays host to some absolute beasts. Here at G-Street HQ, we generally subscribe to the bigger-is-better school of thought – although we recognise that not everyone is capable of handling such gargantuan timepiece. For all those who covet the top-tier G, but have been born with wrists too dainty to accommodate a portable heli-pad, G-Shock are releasing a slimmed-down version just for you. The MRG-B1000B-1A is just as jammed with functions as its big bro, thanks to something Casio call ‘miniaturisation technology’ – sounds a bit Honey, I Shrunk the Kids to us. The features include Bluetooth connectivity, Tough Solar, stopwatch and plenty more. No longer will you curse the heavens for your feeble forearms, thanks to the beneficence of MR-G.