The Rangeman is Getting a Huge Overhaul

It looks like Casio are going in a whole new direction with the Rangeman in 2018, with what looks to be a full STN liquid crystal display. The new design takes cues from G-Shock’s cousin brand Pro Trek; though the case still looks classically G, the guts of the new watch seem to be far more Protrekian. The main features of the newly applied tech are based on GPS functionality – including a new GPS navigation system – which is presumably simplified by the new display. It also features Bluetooth connectivity that enables the watch to communicate map data to a smartphone. The power-hungry device will be equipped with both solar and wireless charging capabilities, triple sensor and water-resistance up to 200m. The upcoming GPR-B1000-1 is one of the most radical updates to the G-Shock line in a long time. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for their 35th anniversary in 2018.