G-Shock x Kiks TYO x New Balance (2007 Throwback)

2007 was a golden era for collaborations in the streetwear world. Every partnership had an air of mystique, no one held back – it was a time of bold exploration. That year, G-Shock curated a colab with both Kiks TYO and New Balance as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations. The collective G-Flash Pack was a big bundle of shoes and watches, featuring two speckled DW-5600s and three similarly spattered New Balance designs – a 320 and two 574s.

Considering the collaboration was released ten years ago, both the watches and the shoes have become incredibly hard to find. Exactly how many of each were released is unknown, but the ‘limited edition’ callout embroidered on the shoes and printed on the watches rings true. The simple black-based yellow and red colour combos are as fresh today as they were a decade ago, which probably explains why you don’t see them for sale very often – people are still rocking them.