35th Anniversary Red Out Series

G-Shock are kicking off their monster anniversary year with a solid set of vibrant vermillion timepieces in the aptly named ‘Red Out’ series. The five models have received a fairly simple treatment, covered in red and accented with black, which has a remarkably bold effect. Even the LCD screens have been given a rosy hue, something that we haven’t seen for quite some time. The cases and bands have been treated with a special light-dispersing particle that creates an ultra-matte finish, as introduced by the recent ‘Big Bang Black’ series.

The collection sees the return of an old favourite in the form of the DW-5735C-4, which is an anniversary edition of the classic round-faced DW-5700. As per usual, the anniversary releases receive special style codes that include the number ‘35’ to mark their unique status. The pack also contains the GA-735C-4A, based on a GA-700; the DW-6900-based DW-6935C-4; a 5600-styled DW-5635C-4; and the AWG-M535C-4A, which has been build using the AWG-M510.