G-Shock Reveal New GPR-B1000 Rangeman

Late last year we caught site of a crazy new Rangeman doing the rounds of the tradeshow circuit. Now, Casio have officially announced the new GPR-B1000 and it’s about to blow your mind.

Beneath the great big digi display, the watch features a world-first solar-assisted GPS navigation system. The impressive tech tracks your movements via satellite to help you stay on a plotted route or bearing, while also saving point data and allowing you to backtrack your trip. Then the Rangemaster will pair to a smartphone via Bluetooth and display travel info on a 3D map! If you decide to whip your phone out to catch some snaps for the ‘Gram, the connected app will record the location of your flicks, so you can even view those along the timeline.

Surely that’s all they could jam in there, right? Nope. They’ve also added Triple Sensor tech, which allows you to save point data along your route that records temperature, altitude, longitude and latitude. With this much going on under the hood, this G is likely to chew through battery power. To stay charged at all times, the solar functionality is backed up with wireless charging capabilities, so you can just stick it on the charging station and juice it up.

The new Rangeman truly is the Master of G, credit cards at the ready!