G-Shock AW-550 (1992 Throwback)

Flashback: November, 1992, Wayne’s World is flickering across the silver screen as Miley Cyrus opens her eyes for the very first time. G-Shock stockists around the world are unpacking boxes filled with the radical new AW-550, the brand’s second-generation analogue-digi duo model with a bold octagonal face.

Despite its inimitable appearance, the big wrist-buster was surprisingly lacking in high-end functionality. Aside from the dual display, it boasted 200m water resistance, a stopwatch (up to 60 minutes), a single alarm and auto calendar. It wasn’t exactly breaking technological ground. But the reason the design has stuck in our minds as one of the best, even after all these years, is due to nothing more than its solid styling. A lot of things happened in the 90s that we’d rather forget — this is not one of them.