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New Mastermind x G-Shock Frogman

G-Shock and Mastermind, two of Japan’s finest, have reunited to take on one of G-Shock’s most revered designs. Their latest collaboration comes in the form of our favourite amphibious timepiece, the Frogman.Read More

Hugo Vau Free Dives with the Frogman

You don’t earn a rep like G-Shock without backing your products to the very furthest extremes, and when it comes to extreme there are few people as crazy as free diver HugoRead More

Going Deep with the Frogman

We don’t need to be told that G-Shock’s Frogman GWF-D1000B is a great watch – that’s just plain obvious. Nevertheless, it is nice to know exactly what it is about the beastRead More

The Best Ever G-Shock Frogman Models

The fabled Frogman is a favourite amongst heavy-hitting G-Shock collectors and adventurers alike. Originally released in ’93, it’s one of the original Masters and was specifically designed for life in deep water.Read More

Take the Plunge with G-Shock’s Frogman

The latest issue of G-Shock’s GWF-D1000 Frogman dive watch comes fully loaded with features to keep you safe as you explore the murky deep – water temperature and depth display, ascent alarm,Read More

Up Close with the New Frogman GWF-D1000

The upcoming Frogman releases have been the big topic of conversation among G-Fiends lately. Our favourite dive watch is back in two low-key black versions, GWF-D1000-1 and GWF-D1000B-1. Both Frogs come packed with plentyRead More

Legit G-Shock Frogman GWF-T1000BS-1JR up for sale

The G-Shock GWF-T1000BS-1JR is one of the most sought after Frogman models, and that’s saying something because the Froggy is one of G-Shock’s most revered franchises. Limited to just 200 models, theRead More

G-Shock GWF-1000 Frogman (2009 Throwback)

First released in 1993, the Frogman was well due for an update by 2009 and G-Shock delivered something special. The Frogman GWF-1000 came strapped with Atomic Timekeeping plus Tide & Moon Graphs,Read More

G-Shock tech evolution: Frogman

For the Temple of G fanzine, we reached out to Sjors Kuyt from to document G-SHOCK’s most important and innovative technological breakthroughs. In this edition he pays tribute to the Frogman,Read More