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G-Steel Keeps Stealing the Spotlight

G-Shock’s G-Steel line has been pumping out new releases lately, and the new mid-sized GST-S300 and 310 steals the most recent spotlight. Coming in a handful of different colours, the slimline metalRead More

The New G-Steel is Crazy!

G-Shock have cranked the G-Steel line up another notch with the new GST-B100 models. The latest upgrade sees the sturdy watches equipped with Tough Solar Bluetooth time correction so you stay poweredRead More

New G-Steel GST-W300 Releases

If your wrists are down the slim end of the scale it can be tricky to find the perfect G-Shock, but Casio have heard your cries. The new GST-W300 comes with aRead More

G-Steel Tough Leather Goes Wild

G-Steel gets a little bit of jungle loving in the latest set of shots from the big G. The Tough Leather series is the focus of the shoot, with a guy andRead More

G-Steel Tough as Your Style

G-Shock have once again shown us just why G-Steel is the ultimate all-rounder watch. Their latest Tough as your Style film showcases the watch’s versatility, from the office to the gym andRead More

G-Shock Style G-Steel in a New Lookbook

In the past, you could either have a tough watch or you could have a refined dress watch, but thanks to G-Steel, these days you can have a timepiece that can beRead More

G-Shock Reveal a Smaller Version of the G-Steel

One of the more distinguished G-Shocks around, the G-Steel, has now been shrunk down for all the dainty wrists out there. The GST-W300 and GST-W310 were officially unveiled at this year’s BaselworldRead More

Up Close with the G-Steel Tough Leather Series

G-Shock’s new G-Steel Tough Leather takes the unbreakable watch to new heights of distinction and style. It’s perfect to transition from the office to a weekend in the wilderness, with functionality that’sRead More

G-Steel at New York Fashion Week

G-Shock have stepped off the streets to try their hand in the elevated world of high fashion. Acclaimed menswear designer Robert Geller sent models down the runway at his recent New YorkRead More