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G-Shock Drop Another Carbon Fibre G-Steel

G-Steel has been hit with another dose of carbon fibre as part of November’s new release lineup. The Bluetooth-enhanced GST-B100XA-1A has a clean, simple build with a combination of black resin andRead More

Getting in Deep with the New G-Steel

We finally got our hands on a few of the new G-Steel GST-B100 models and we are all-out obsessed. These are the first G-Steel models with an analogue chronograph movement, which meansRead More

G-Steel Keeps Stealing the Spotlight

G-Shock’s G-Steel line has been pumping out new releases lately, and the new mid-sized GST-S300 and 310 steals the most recent spotlight. Coming in a handful of different colours, the slimline metalRead More

The New G-Steel is Crazy!

G-Shock have cranked the G-Steel line up another notch with the new GST-B100 models. The latest upgrade sees the sturdy watches equipped with Tough Solar Bluetooth time correction so you stay poweredRead More

New G-Steel GST-W300 Releases

If your wrists are down the slim end of the scale it can be tricky to find the perfect G-Shock, but Casio have heard your cries. The new GST-W300 comes with aRead More

G-Steel Tough Leather Goes Wild

G-Steel gets a little bit of jungle loving in the latest set of shots from the big G. The Tough Leather series is the focus of the shoot, with a guy andRead More

G-Steel Tough as Your Style

G-Shock have once again shown us just why G-Steel is the ultimate all-rounder watch. Their latest Tough as your Style film showcases the watch’s versatility, from the office to the gym andRead More

G-Shock Style G-Steel in a New Lookbook

In the past, you could either have a tough watch or you could have a refined dress watch, but thanks to G-Steel, these days you can have a timepiece that can beRead More

G-Shock Reveal a Smaller Version of the G-Steel

One of the more distinguished G-Shocks around, the G-Steel, has now been shrunk down for all the dainty wrists out there. The GST-W300 and GST-W310 were officially unveiled at this year’s BaselworldRead More