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New Mastermind x G-Shock Frogman

G-Shock and Mastermind, two of Japan’s finest, have reunited to take on one of G-Shock’s most revered designs. Their latest collaboration comes in the form of our favourite amphibious timepiece, the Frogman.Read More

New Quad-Sensor Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000

The latest addition to G-Shock’s ocean-faring Gulfmaster line, the GWN-Q1000 has had its guts beefed up and its outside toned down, resulting in one of our favourite oceanic models to date. InRead More

G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000GB-4A

The G-Shock Mudmaster takes on a regal aesthetic with the opulent detailing of the GWG-1000GB-4A. The black case has been laced with a vibrant red band and lavished with metallic gold components.Read More

G-Shock Masters in Olive Drab Collection

June is proving to be a great month for G-Shock releases and if you don’t believe us just take a look at the Masters in Olive Drab collection. The pack of GravitymastersRead More

Up Close with the New Gravitymaster

The new Gravitymaster GPW-2000 is an evolution of the top tier G-Shock, with the best of the best tech crammed into an unbreakable case. The model is just about to drop inRead More

Master of G Marine Blue Series

The Masters have hit hard this month with a trifecta of ‘Marine Blue’ beauties. In keeping with the maritime theme, the collection is made up of two ocean-going Gulfmasters and an amphibiousRead More

The Masters Show Their Grit

Amidst all of the fun and games at the recent Baselworld show, G-Shock took the opportunity to showcase the ruggedness of their Master of G line with an action packed film. InRead More

Up Close with the Rose Gold Masters

The Rose Gold Master of G series is one of our favourite releases of late. G-Shock have combined the technical marvels that make up some of their top-end offering with some seriouslyRead More

New G-Shock GPW-2000 Gravitymaster

The next generation of Gravitymaster has just been revealed – the GPW-2000 – and it is jam-packed with technological wizardry. The top of the line model will feature GPS time correction andRead More